Running Thoughts #94: As I prepare to board my red-eye flight back from San Diego, it's been a long week already.
Running Thoughts #93: To get the opportunity, have you done the work?

January 2023

Running Thoughts #92: What if you measured life by activities or events instead of time?
Running Thoughts #91: Sometimes, you just need to take charge and put things where you want them.
Running Thoughts #90: What is one area of your life that would benefit from consistency?
Running Thoughts #89: Before you can move forward, you need to know where you came from. For me, 2022 was about health and process.

December 2022

Running Thoughts #87: Friday, 5:23pm: That's when the paramedics walked into the room.
Running Thoughts #87: Being ambiguous or declining gifts “puts stress on the people around us.” I've spent a lifetime deferring gifts. A trait learned…
Running Thoughts #86: When was the last time you showed courage under fire?
Running Thoughts #85: Here is what I learned: trying too hard makes it harder to get the results you want. Here is what I realized: behind almost every…

November 2022

Running Thoughts #84
Checking my inbox again — there was nothing. Life priorities have whittled down our group's numbers this year, but a motley few continued on. Until…